The best question to ask yourself about your business or idea?

What is the most important question?

What IF?

(Idea Format: or is your idea, business, or organization using all the tools to reach your true potential?)

We at help businesses and organizations find new business and new growth opportunities through barter and joint ventures. Our consulting partners assist you to maximize your business or endeavor.

Do you have an idea for the world?

Has your business suffered or stalled during implementation or development?

A couple of  recent client stories show the value of our services:

Client #1 was an appliance manufacturer considered shutting down due to lack of sales. Their appliances were considerably more than the big box stores. How could they ever compete?

The Answer: A Joint Venture/barter deal

They donated a series of appliances to a radio station for airtime. They used that airtime for advertising their core business.


-Reduced costs of advertising for the appliance business (increasing their appliance business)

-Appliances for call in type contests for the radio station (increasing the business and listeners for the radio station)

-More advertising than the appliance business could hope to afford (that could be used at a later time through the radio station)

Client #2 was a small stock offering that was having a hard time marketing their offering and receiving little to no press.

We were contacted to provide a better promotion (using standard Investor Relations practices in the industry) to attract more investors.

We were able to work with bloggers and various multimedia news outlets to provide a better picture of the strengths of the small stock offering.


-No cost advertising campaigns to the stock offering

-Interesting investment topics for bloggers and multimedia organizations

-A rising stock price that boosts the company and gives credit to the partner bloggers and promotional organizations

Finally Client #3 was a midsize bed and breakfast lodging service. While the business was sound it was looking for other revenue streams.

Looking at the core lodging business revealed an amazing fact that the Bed and Breakfast was empty up to seventy percent of the day during standard business hours.

The next profitable revenue stream was to host art shows during the day on a monthly basis.

The result:

-An empty asset (during daytime hours) was turned into a revenue stream

-Local and regional artists were able to cost effectively display their artworks

-More art patrons were introduced to the core lodging business

Such deals can be made in any industry or service.

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